January 15th, 2021

Today marked the final day of OpenBazaar’s 4 year run as one of the first crypto-currency markets on the surface web. It also marked the launch of aboveground.market.

OpenBazaar was built as a response to the closure of the Darknet market Silkroad, it was completely peer to peer and released as open source software. It went through 2 rounds of investment and had tens of thousands of users at its peak. This year it was given more funding before finally shutting core parts of its infrastructure. With its closing, questions arise – how can we sustain a P2P marketplace? How can we encourage adoption?

aboveground.market aims to do this by maintaining a centralized infrastructure. No need to setup a store node – all you need is a wallet and a web browser. This makes running the market more sustainable and makes it easier for new users to join.

There is no one ‘best’ way to run a crypto-commerce marketplace. Both decentralized and centralized networks have their drawbacks – but one thing is certain. The OpenBazaar team were pioneers and built a beautiful ecosystem. We drew inspiration from them. Our launch on the day of their closing signifies the everlasting spirit of the agora, and the hopes of a free economy.

Thank you OpenBazaar.


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